Apex Timing

Investment Methods

This page is intended as a tool to serve and share information about finance and methods of managing investment portfolios.

Despite the name, Apex Timing is not so much concerned with "market timing", per se. Our goal is to explore and develop any method of decreasing risk, while still achieving reasonable returns. Additionally, the emphasis here is on long investments in publicly traded stocks and funds.

Investing Philosophy

Investing real money, which you presumably obtained with some sacrifice, is one of the more difficult things that you can do. This means putting assets at risk, motivated by the uncertain hope that they might increase in value over time. Uncertainty is something that we generally have difficulty measuring and understanding; Gains and losses are also concepts that we are wired to view differently. Even our experience of the passage of time is something that differs depending on age and circumstance. As a result, many investors allow their emotions to play a disproportionately large role in helping them make investing decisions. I'll avoid saying whether this is good or bad, but I will say that the better we can understand our emotional relationship with both uncertainty and wealth, the more successful we can be managing our investments.